Best Reading Pillows

A reading pillow isn’t just a bedding item, it’s actually used for more than just sleep. When you are sitting on the floor, lying in bed, or sitting on the couch, it’s the perfect pillow to lift your head and support your shoulders as your read a book or watch television.

However you plan to use your reading pillow, it’s important that you consider how you plan to use it, what materials you prefer, and what type of filling will give you the best support. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best reading pillow for your needs.

Top 5: Best Reading Pillow Reviews

Keen Edge Reading Pillow

Keen Edge Reading Pillow

YesIndeed Reading Pillow

YesIndeed Reading Pillow

Husband Reading Pillow

Husband Reading Pillow

Brentwood Originals Reading Pillow

Brentwood Originals Reading Pillow

Milliard Memory Foam Reading Pillow

Milliard Memory Foam Reading Pillow

Keen Edge Reading Pillow

Providing support and easy conformity, the Keen Edge Reading Pillow is made with shredded foam that highly malleable. Your body will conform easily with this popular pillow, which also offers a firm support to your reading materials. It also gives you a softer feeling than you get from a solid foam core pillow.

With 11-inch arms and a 20-inch height, the Keen Edge Reading Pillow a little larger than other reading pillows on the market, which allows for better back coverage if want to sit against it. The removable velour cover is soft and features a handle grip on the top that lets you easily carry your pillow with you to different reading spots. This is an easy to maintain cover that you can throw in the washer and dryer.

Created to for you to rest against, the Keen Edge Reading Pillow provide a stable and steady surface when you use it in its upright position. It also gives you a comfy surface when lounging or to prop yourself up on. This is a great choice for readers that want a comfortable surface that can be used in more than one position, and, since the foam is pliable, it won’t collapsed under yur weight.


  • This pillow gives you neck great support when you lounge on it.
  • The over is easy to take off and clean.
  • The pillow’s firmness allows you to use it on the floor or bed.


  • After you get it, it can take up to two days for it to decompress.
YesIndeed Reading Pillow

With a wide base and long arms, the YesIndeed Reading Pillow measures 18 x 12 inches making it the largest pillow this company makes. Featuring shredded foam, this popular pillow conforms to your body and is a great backrest.

The sturdy and flat bottom of the YesIndeed Reading Pillow allows it to stay upright if you want to lounge on it, and you can also use it on the floor for any type of situation. It’s velour cover has a soft and plush feeling that is also liquid and dust repellant. This reading pillow is also easy to keep clean with by just wiping it off with a clean cloth.

On top of the pillow is a handle that helps you carry the pillow while the 12-inch arms give you good support when lounging. The YesIndeed Reading Pillow is a great choice if you need a backrest when watching tv or workings. It will also stand well all on by itself with plenty of area to lean up on.


  • The pillow cover is easy to wipe clean and super soft.
  • This pillow is very supportive and sturdy to use on the floor.
  • It is dust and liquid repellent.


  • The pillow has issues with offgassing.
  • It can take up to five days to completely decompress.
Husband Reading Pillow

If you struggle to stay comfortable when you are reading in bed, the Husband Reading Pillow can provide cushioning and comfort as well as support as you sit. This large pillow was created to cradle your body as you watch television or read. With its detachable neck pillow, this plush and soft memory foam pillow has arms that will support your body in a natural position as your read.

With two styles to pick from, this pillow is also equipped with a side pocket that allow you to store your phone, glasses, or remote. The Husband Reading Pillow has an easy to remove cover that is zippered onto the pillow. This is a great pillow for anyone that likes to sit up in bed reading or watching television.


  • It comes with a hand side pocket for storing small items.
  • The inner zipper lets you add or remove foam to fit your preferred firmness level.
  • The pillow includes a handy top carrying handle.


  • This pillow has a pretty firm density to it.
  • It can be cumbersome and bulky.
Brentwood Originals Reading Pillow

Using a traditional pillow shape, the Brentwood Originals Reading Pillow features a soft cover and a handle for easy portability. Featuring piped seams, this pillow offers stability and relaxation for lounging. This pillow provides a great backrest, especially when you place it up against a headboard.

You can also use the Brentwood Originals Reading Pillow as a stand-alone pillow when you put it on the floor. Filled with durable polyfill, this reading pillow will hold its shape, even over time, and give you a firm and stable feel when you use it.


  • This pillow is very sturdy.
  • It will not flatten through use or time.
  • It is lightweight and durable.


  • The back of the pillow is a bit low.
  • You can wash the cover only if you take out the filling.
Milliard Memory Foam Reading Pillow

Offering varying backrest heights, the Milliard Memory Foam Reading Pillow can be purchased in several different sizes ranging between 14 and 24-inches. This reading pillow features sturdy construction and is filled with memory foam. You can use this reading pillow for either a support on a hard surface or by itself on the floor.

You can easily find a Milliard Memory Foam Reading Pillow to fit your body type thanks to the different sizes you can choose from. Using the zipper, you can remove the soft velour cover to clean it. With the pillow’s long arms, you get stability and a place to lounge against in different positions.

With durable seams, it also features excellent shaping. The Milliard Memory Foam Reading Pillow is perfect for kids and adults, plus you can purchase replacement covers when you need one.


  • The cover is both washable and also replaceable.
  • It is supportive and stable to lounge against.
  • It comes in several sizes.


  • It can take two days to decompress.

Considerations When Choosing a Reading Pillow

Why Should You Buy a Reading Pillow?

Even as you relax, it’s important to have your spine stay aligned in the correct position. This is crucial to stop future pain. A healthy posture is vital no matter what you are doing, and it doesn’t matter if you stand, sit, and lie down.

Of all three positions, sitting is the most detrimental to healthy spinal alignment and is the reason why many people look to all types of back support like pillows. If you are sitting in bed and reading, it is tempting to just lean back against a pile of pillows. This may seem uncomfortable at first but doing so may injure your back.

A reading pillow is created specially to give you support when you are sitting in bed for long periods of time. Using materials like form, a reading pillow will be able to give you the spinal alignment that you need while also ensuring there are no pressure points.

Or, basically, a reading pillow is made to give support to your upper body, and they will have the materials, shape, and size to ensure that you are investing in product that will last you a long time.

Choosing a Reading Pillow

When you choose a reading pillow, you will want to consider three factors including the fill, cover, and pillow type. It’s important to consider the features very closely so that you are familiar with the materials and features of the pillows and can make an informed choice.

Types of Reading Pillows

A traditional pillow is referred to as a husband pillow, and they are recognized by their design with arms and a high backrest. A husband pillow is designed to support the upper body while a traditional pillow will include extra features like cup holders or side pockets.

A wedge pillow is referred to as orthopedic pillows and features a sloping design that makes them versatile enough for other purposes. Besides sleeping, this pillow can be used for other activities that need the upper body to be elevated. It can also be used by sleepers with various medical issues and can help with sleep apnea or acid reflux. A wedge pillow can be purchased in different sizes as well as lower and higher inclines.

Reading pillows have two main features including the material and the fill. It’s important to understand how both of the materials are used when constructing the pillow to help determine their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Memory Foam – A pretty common material that is used for its ability to conform to the shape of one’s body as well as relive pressure. A reading pillow that is filled with memory foam tends to have a large piece of foam that will contour to your body while providing comfort for your shoulders, head, and neck.
  • Shredded Memory Foam - Another fairly common type of fill, shredded foam is smaller pieces of memory foam, which have many advantages when used in a pillow. With this pillow type, you get support that is more targeted and also space in between the shredded pieces that allows air more circulation making the pillow more breathable than pillows made with a larger piece of memory foam.
  • Polyester Fibers – The most affordable way to fill a reading pillow, polyester fibers are man-made and also referred to as microfibers. This cheaper, synthetic materials is often found in a budget priced pillow, but it cannot give you the same support that you would get from either a shredded memory foam or memory foam pillow, plus it won’t last as long.

The cover of a reading pillow is also important to consider. Pillow that you sleep on typically use fabrics like bamboo, cotton, or microfiber. However, when you are talking about a reading pillow, the fabric used will have both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most common materials used as covers of reading materials:

  • Velvet – A pretty common cover material, velvet will give a reading material a luxurious feeling. Different velvet fiber types change the properties and look of the reading material. Mohair velvet is very durable and also stain-resistant while a silk velvet is soft to the touch and more delicate. The disadvantage of a velvet covered reading pillow is that the fiber will probably need professional cleaning.
  • Faux suede - A microfiber that looks like read suede, faux suede is known by its tight weave, stain-resistances, and ease of cleaning.
  • Corduroy – Made from cotton or a cotton blend, corduroy is very soft to touch and has a recognizable feel thanks to its visible ridges, which ran the length of the fabric. Reading pillows with a corduroy cover tend to be to unravel more than other materials, but they are also machine washable.
  • Velour – Less expensive than other pillow covers, velour very stretchable and easier to clean. It is considered to be a budget friendly version of velvet and is often preferred by those that may stain their reading pillow or need to wash it more often.

More Tips to Help You Choose a Reading Pillow

Before you invest in a reading pillow, there are a few more things to consider that will help you make this important buying decision.

  • If you play to carry the pillow from room to room, you need to look for a reading pillow that comes with a carrying handle. Making it easier to transport, the carrying handle allows you to carry the pillow with only one hand.
  • Always look for a pillow that has a cover you can remove. In this way, you can clean the pillow, which is much easier than spot cleaning that requires more work than most people want to undertake.
  • Some reading pillows come with added neck or head support, which is the prominent piece of material that you can’t miss when you look at the reading pillow. Look for a pillow for these features and look for a pillow that has a detachable portion. However, if you don’t require the added support, you can also use the extra part of the pillow to support your leg.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean reading pillows?

It’s important to look for a reading pillow that includes a cover that you can remove. Typically, the cover should unzip and allow you to throw it in the washer to clean it.

If you have a pillow without a removable cover, you will need to spot clean it, but it may require professional leaning for very difficult stains. Each pillow will come with its own instructions on how to clean and maintain it.

What does it mean for a pillow to have an adjustable loft?

Pillows that use memory foam for filling will allow you to access the fill so you can add or remove it to make it more comfortable for your preferences. The meaning of adjustable loft refers to removing and adding loft so that you can make the pillow fluffier or thinner.

Will you get a warranty with your reading pillow?

The best reading pillow will come with a warranty. Always look for a reading pillow that includes a warranty as well as a period for testing out the pillow. Known as a sleep trial, this testing period lets you use the pillow for a set number of day and return it for a full refund if it doesn’t perform as you expect. A warranty usually indicates how much the manufacturer will stand behind it’s product.

Any reading enthusiast will appreciate a good-quality reading pillow. Providing great spinal support in either a lounging or upright position, reading pillows let you comfortably read for hours. Each pillow comes with its own design features, so you can easily find one that fits your personal preferences.


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